Amazing Feats and Facts

  • Do it yourself: How much of a do-it-yourselfer are you? Can you perform these 18 common household tasks? Take the quiz!
  • Tools in the kitchen: Use a miter saw to slice ham? A drill to put holes into baked potatoes? A paint shaker to mix chocolate milk? Only in a fantasy world. April Fool's!
  • Exercise equipment: Trying to get fit? When it comes to exercise equipment, move it, don't use it. Here's how I get the most out of my exercise equipment.
  • Home school: For home-schooling families, back to school often means back to the workshop -- with projects that will facilitate their children's education.
  • Lost your keys? No keys? No problem. Create your own "keyless entry system" by simply kicking in the door -- then suffer the consequences!
  • No directions: How to remove the rear bench seat in a minivan -- without reading the directions!
  • Spiders: The marbled orb weaver is the master of home improvement, repairing its home daily and rebuilding it several times a year. The colorful, intriguing spider eats wasps and other insect pests.
  • Snow shovel/snowblower race: Which can clear the driveway faster -- a snow shovel or a snowblower? The race is on! Learn the surprising results!
  • Toliet leak? Here's how to repair a leaking toilet -- and take days to do it! Your friend may never let you help with household repairs again!
  • When a car becomes a home: Long commutes to and from work? Here's how to outfit your vehicle for comfort and safety.