Dishwasher CleanDirty dishes? If dishes won't come clean in your dishwasher, the problem could be a clogged chopper assembly, which can restrict water flow. Here's how to get at it so you can clean it.


Dishwasher StartDishwasher won't start? Lights don't go on? The problem could simply be a blown thermal fuse inside the control panel. You can purchase a new fuse and fix the dishwasher yourself.



Sink DrainSink drains: Forget those harsh chemical cleaners. Easily unclog your sink drain with a mini-plunger. It can be readily found at home centers and hardware stores.


Bathtub DrainBathtub drains: There's more than one way to unclog a stopped-up bathtub drain. Try these techniques. What most people forget is to stop up the overflow drain with a rag or washcloth.



Dripping FaucetDripping faucet: A dripping faucet costs money. You pay for the wasted water and perhaps the energy to heat that water, too. Here's how to fix the problem.    Part 1     Part 2


Single Handle FaucetDripping single-handle faucet: Purchase a new faucet cartridge at your home center or hardware store, then change the cartridge in that single-lever faucet and fix the drip yourself.



Geothermal FurnaceGeothermal heating: The condensate drain tube in your geothermal furnace/heating unit should be cleared of debris annually. Here's what to do and what could happen if you don't.



Toilet RemovalTaking out a toilet: You've got a new toilet ready to install, but first things first -- taking out the old one. And you shouldn't encounter much poo, if any. Here's how to do it.


Toilet InstallationInstalling a toilet: Buy your own new toilet and install it yourself! Here are some tricks that will help. (You might need a second person to help with the lifting.)


Toilet SeatGrungy-looking toilet? All you may need to do is replace the seat! Typically, all it involves is tightening a couple of plastic wing-style nuts. Here's how!



Underground SprinklerWinterize your sprinkler system: Get your self-draining underground sprinkling system set for winter! (CAUTION: This is NOT for systems that must be "blown out" with compressed air.)