Joist hangers: Building a deck or porch? Here's an easy way to get joist hangers to fit snugly, squarely and evenly against rim joists and/or ledger boards.


Joist removal: Need to remove a long joist but have no helpers to lend a hand? Here's how you can remove it yourself without any help.



Pella SliderPella Sliding Patio Door Screen: Do you find the written instructions a bit confusing? See step by step how to easily install your Pella sliding door screen (Rolscreen). 


Pella LatchPella sliding patio door screen latch: Sooner or later, this little $50 plastic latch will break. Make this replacement yourself from a mirror clip for just a couple of bucks.


Weatherstripping: Whether you have a newer door or an older one, here are complete, detailed instructions on how to install weatherstripping to keep chilly breezes out.



Exterior SpotlightOut-of-reach light bulbs: Use this special extension pole available at home centers and hardware stores. Duct tape, petroleum jelly and a spot of solder can make the job easier.



Mixing small batches of mortar: Mix a small batch of mortar, thinset or grout by attaching an old kitchen beater to a variable speed drill! Save the cost of a larger paddle mixer. And see how easy cleanup is!