Recipes and Cooking



  • Dutch cooking: You don't have to eat junk food and smores just because you're in the great outdoors. Enjoy great recipes like shrimp jambalaya, real beef stew from scratch, chicken alfredo and piping hot cornbread, real corn included.








  • Mixing bowl: What do you do when you accidentally shatter your wife's favorite ceramic mixing bowl? Fess up, of course!
  • Pots and pans: Sometimes, despite your best efforts, you burn your nonstick pan. Here's how to easily clean it. The same method also works wonders on regular stainless steel pans.
  • Tools in the kitchen: Use a miter saw to slice ham? A drill to put holes into baked potatoes? A paint shaker to mix chocolate milk? Only in a fantasy world. April Fool's!



  • Outdoor grill isn't just for meat. Learn how to do your canning on your outdoor grill and save on your electric bill.
  • Cleaning the grill: Don't throw that grimy grill away! Here's how to clean it from top to bottom!
  • Grill won't light? One possible source of the problem could be the regulator, which controls the flow of gas from the LP tank to the burners.
  • Salsa on the grill: Make delicious, homemade salsa on your outdoor grill.
  • Shrimp tortellini: Make this delicious shrimp tortellini with grilled vegetables.
  • Storing the grill: Should you store your grill for winter? Some use it year-round. But if you do store it, here's how to help keep it protected.
  • Tenderloin dinner: Cook this complete, quality tenderloin meal -- including potatoes, corn on the cob (and toss in a salad) -- in under half an hour on your grill.