Tools and Hardware





Snowblower:  Change the oil in your snowblower (4-cycle engines). It's less complicated than it looks, but you may need to use a little ingenuity. In some models, draining the oil can be messy.

 Wood Splitter

Splitting wood: Skip the ax! Harness the power and majesty of a hydraulic cylinder. The log splitter is a powerful and dangerous machine if used improperly. Be sure to follow these safety tip

Joist Hangar


Joist Hangars: Building a deck or porch? Here's an easy way to get joist hangers to fit snugly, squarely and evenly against the rim joists and/or ledger boards.


Lawnmower tuneup: Give your lawnmower a complete tuneup. You'll save yourself money and help keep your lawn and mower healthy!

Mower Maintenance 1


Part 1: Make sure your lawnmower blade stays sharp. A dull blade will tear the grass and leave it exposed to disease. Hardware stores also provide this service for a minimal charge.



Mower Maintenance 2Part 2: If your lawnmower has a four-cycle engine, you'll need to change the oil regularly. If you don't, you could end up changing your lawnmower regularly!



Mower Maintenance 3Part 3: Changing the air filter will help keep your mower operating at peak efficiency. It's good for the engine and good for the environment. You may be able to remove dirt buildup with compressed air.



Mower Maintenance 4Part 4: Don't forget to lubricate your mower's moving parts. It's a simple but often overlooked task and can prevent trouble -- such as rusted or broken parts -- down the road.



Mower Maintenance 5 Part 5: Change the spark plug on your lawnmower in seconds using a spark plug socket wrench and a spark plug gap gauge. Spark plugs are readily available at your home center or hardware store.


Outdoor Spotlight


Out-of-reach light bulbs: To change spotlights, use this special extension pole available at home centers and hardware stores. Duct tape, petroleum jelly and a spot of solder can make the job easier.