Holidays and Events



Electronic Matching Game


Electronic matching game: Looking for a unique Christmas or birthday gift for a child? Make this clever electronic matching game using a few simple materials from around the house.

Star Wars Trash Can


Talking R2D2 trash can: "Star Wars" fans! This trash can looks like the famous droid of "Star Wars" fame and even talks like it when the lid pops open! This two-part video shows how to make your own R2D2 trash can that sounds like R2D2! Download the materials list and template for the markings.



Old World Cheesecake


Old World Cheese cake: For a holiday treat or for anytime, make Aunt Helen's old-fashioned, Old World, real-food cheesecake! (Spoiler: This is not the super-sweet, American stuff you may be used to!)



Bumper Sticker


Bumper stickers: The election is over! Remove that bumper sticker -- neatly and completely -- without damaging the paint or finish on your vehicle. Here's how.