What Others Are Saying About Our Videos

On cleaning the glass inside an oven door:

  • ‪"Thanks so much, Stan. I've been looking at my ugly oven door for a year now wondering what to do. I'm glad I finally have an answer. Great video series. Keep posting."‬ -- enkadino
  • "This is a wonderful video!  Love your sense of humor, too.  You do a great job of explaining each step slowly and showing us what you're doing. This doesn't seem so daunting now!"-- emptyboxcars

On repairing a dishwasher:

  • "Great video. I've been online for hours trying to find out how to get these parts out of MY dishwasher. Lots of help. Thank you!" -- DZ

On unclogging a bathtub drain:

  • "I looked everywhere for a video going over a tub drain/overflow disassembly. Thanks!" -- Sunspot01

On fixing the igniter on an outdoor grill:

  • You sir, just saved us from buying a new grill. Thank you for your approach. Not complicated and very effective."-- BB

On fixing a dead key on an electronic keyboard:

  • THANK YOU!!!! Your video fixed my key problem!!! The only video I was able to find on this problem!"-- SD

On making a charcoal chimney starter:

  • Awesome build. I'm going to make one simply because it would be cooler than buying one." -- HJ

On how to change a headlight bulb:

  • "Thank you. So simple. Great explanation." -- Vil89Six

On making an electronic matching game:

  • ‪"i have a science project due tomorrow and i did not know how to make it so thx a lot.‬" -- bf