Noisy bathroom fan? Chances are you don't need to replace the entire unit -- simply the fan or blower wheel. Here's how.



Demystifying the dehumidifier: It's really just a simple machine once you get to know it! Understanding how it works can help you troubleshoot.

Demystifying the dehumidifier Part 2: Here's how to easily take yours apart for cleaning, maintenance or repairs.

Demystifying the dehumidifier Part 3: If your dehumidifier ices up or freezes up, here's why and what you can do about it!



Drilling a doorknob hole: If your doorknob hole is too small to accommodate the newer "standard size" doorknobs, here's how to drill a larger hole in your door.



Electric stove heating unit: Have the "flames" gone out in your freestanding electric stove heating unit? Easily restore them with a pair of light bulbs and a screwdriver.



Out-of-reach light bulbs: Are your light bulbs or spotlights too high to reach? Forget the ladder. Simply use this special extension pole available at home centers and hardware stores. And a little duct tape, petroleum jelly and a spot of solder can make the job easier. Find out why.



Electronic keyboard: Note won't play? It's likely not making contact with the circuitry -- a result of dust buildup. Here's how to open the case and perform a simple cleaning that will fix the problem.



"Star Wars" fans! This trash can looks like the famous droid of "Star Wars" fame and even talks like it when the lid pops open! This two-part video shows how to make your own R2D2 trash can that sounds like R2D2! Download the materials list and template for the markings.



Vacuum attachment stuck? Avoid buying a new vacuum by freeing the latch on the attachment with a flat-blade screwdriver.